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Statement of Purpose: Beware...this concerns my personal feelings regarding the value and significance of all life...your, mine as well as all the creatures of the world. What is most important is that all these lives have value and that they follow a path that is authentic and true to each one's purpose. More preaching???...

Pet Owners: Keep in mind that without establishing a professional relationship with your pet, it is difficult for the doctor to make specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations. A previously offered teleadvisory service (i.e where you input a specific pet-related question on a form in return for my advice ) is no longer offered...primarily because there is no specific doctor-patient relationship, and I do not know your pet well enough to dispense medical opinion.

Presently, there are some information pages on this web site which may be of interest to dog, cat and bird owners. Additions to these will be made regularly...weekly or monthly, as my schedule allows.

Veterinarians: Newman Veterinary Medical Services® maintains a small medical database which catalogues selected veterinary and human medical literature in a quickly searchable format. Additional search capabilities have been established via computer access to several library databases of interest to this and the human medical profession The system is now operational. If you would like to try it out, please contact me when it is convenient. In the interim, a concerted effort to make this resource a useful, fully functional "information station" in the very near future is underway. This feature is intended to allow licensed veterinarians to obtain current medical information free or at a nominal charge. Updates on this will be provided here on a regular basis.


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There was some consideration being given to providing advertising space for veterinary professionals. However, a decision has been made to avoid commercialism of this website. Keep in mind that free advertising space is already available through the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). Dr. Newman is currently providing veterinary relief services in the Puget Sound region, frequently at the Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clinic, in Issaquah. WA.


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